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Inotia 3 : Children Of Carnia Walkthrough Part 5

Continue your journey to the Bandit forest, west of Dione Village. 1st of all, collect 10 Forest Panther Fur. Then kill 10 Red Blade Bandit Soldier & 10 Red Blade Bandit Marauder. After that, go to the southwest of Bandit Forest & enter Karan's House. You have to use the Golem to find the secret passage to Mage Karan.

Go to Stone Golem B9 & use the key to activate it. You will complete the quest. Operate the Golem. There will be 2 option, pick option 1 which is "Step aside, I need to go downstairs" followed by "Press the gray button". The Golem will steps aside & you can proceed to downstairs.

You will arrive at the secret passage. There will be 3 Golem & you will have to operate them to go to Mage Karan's Place. 1st, go to the Ice Golem in the east area & operate it. Press option 2, which is "what could i do to show support for my master?" then press option 1 " A9A3A5". The Frozen Gem will appear at the north of the golem, go & take it. Return back to the golem & this time press option 1 "Umm, please show me the way home" followed by "press the Blue button". The Golem will take it places at the triangle.

Now go to the west area & operate the Fire Golem. Press option 2 first, the press option 4 "A6A9B8A5". Go & take Mana Robe at the south area from there. Return back to the Golem & press option 1 this time "Umm, please show me the way home" followed by "Press the Red button". The Golem will take its place on the triage.

There's one more to go, proceed to the north to operate the Lightning Golem. Same like the 2 golem, press option 2 first. Then press option 3 "B2A9A7A8C0" to obtain the Thunder Circlet at the west area from the golem. Then, return back to the golem & press option 1 followed by option 1 "Press the Yellow button". The golem will take its place & complete the triage formation to open a portal.

Take the portal to meet Mage Karan & complete the quest. After a short scene, Mage Karan ask you to bring her an Eternity Petal from Tough Vine Hand Monsters at the Silver Lake, west of Bandit Forest.

Go back to the Bandit forest & go to the west from Karan's House to reach to the Silver Lake. Kill the Tough Vine Hand Monsters to get Eternity Petal, while you're there, kill the Silver Vine Hand Monster at the centre of the lake.

Bring back the Eternity Petal to Mage Karan & complete the quest. Mage Karan will ask you to find another item which is Medusa Tears. Medusa named Adela lived in Adela's House in the ruins at the north of Bandit Forest.

Go back to Bandit Forest & head to the Dione Village first. Talk to Tanner Verad to complete the quest & receive a Small Bag. He will ask you to collect 10 Swamp Panther Furs from the Swamp Panters.

Resupply your party as needed & head back to Bandit Forest again. Proceed to the north into the Ruins. Collect 10 Swamp Panther Fur here then Proceed to the northeast area & enter Adela's House. Once you in Adela's house theres 1 bat named Jeppy trying hard to stop you from proceeding. Continue along the path & defeat the bat when it shows up. Save your game before you enter the 2F of Adela's house because you will fight with her soon. Continue along the path & you'll find Adela at the end of the path. Talk to her to complete the quest.

After the fight with her, Candance will offer her a help to retrive her mirror back from Calyx in the Red Blade Bandit Camp.

Exit Adella's House and Go to Dione Village & talk to Tanner Verad to complete the quest.

After that, continue to Bandit Forest & go to the Red Blade Bandit Camp near Mage Karan House. Kill 5 Red Blade Bandit Assasin (White Turbans) in the first floor. After that, continue to the Basement & kill 5 Red Blade Bandits Leader (Purple Turbans). After that kill Calyx in the south area & grab Adela's Mirror. There are some room in south area, find Relief Supply and take it back with you. Continue to the last room in north area & kill Jacquard. Take his hair after you defeated him as a prof.  After you done all that, lets get back to Dione village. Talk to Randolph to complete the quest & receive Lucky Ring.

After that, talk to Dione Garrison Captain Califf to complete the 2 quest & receive Warrior Pendant & Elite mercenary Axe.

Ok, lets head out to Adela's House to return her mirror. Talk to her to complete the quest. Now that you have Medusa Tears, lets go back to Mage Karan.

Talk to Mage Karan to complete the quest. Mage Karan will make the scroll & hand it over to you. Now that you have the scroll, Lets go back to Ameli to lift the curse.

Now you have to go back to crene village using an alternative route because the route you take before has been block. Continue to the south of Bandit Forest into the Urgan Mountain. Once you were there, find Red Shell Armadillo at the south west area & kill it. After that, continue to the south & you will be stop by a suspicious man. Beat them all & continue to the south into the West Crene. Go south a bit then continue to the east into the Crene  Village. Find Named Hunter Guildsman & talk to him to complete the quest. He will give you Beginner Hunter Hand Protector & another quest.

This time you have to hunt down Iron Comb Rooster on The Land Of Twilight, Mutant Shaman Vine Hand Monster in the Suspicious Cave, Slaughterer Xerial on the Land Scar & Lava Giant Unit Commander Kazur on the Giant Hill. Then go to Colon's House & talk to him to complete the quest. You will receive another quest to find the clues about Laciel's Artifact.

Proceed to east crene & continue to the north until you reach Carnian Gorge. invistigate Killgern bodies to complete the quest. While you're invistigate Killgern bodies, you foud a Bloddy Scroll, lets bring it to colon.

Then go to Petrified Ameli & use the scroll. Nothing happend when you use the scroll & Ldya suddenly do something to petrified Ameli. Then it will take you to control the unknown guy we saw earlier. Kill the bad guy & continue to the North. A scene will play & you will wake up after that. Go to the Hill Of Agony to meet Ameli. After that, go back to Crene & have a talk with Colon to complete the quest. You will receive a quest to find 1 of the Laciel's Artifact, Laciel's Armor. A scene will play & Ada will joint your party.

-End Of Part 5-

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